The delicious secret of rewarding customer loyalty

CLIENT: Electrolux

Welcoming a customer to their new premium steam oven has to be an engaging brand experience. We developed a post-purchase platform that extends the conversation and has delicious appeal for those who love to cook. A whole new world of taste is waiting to be explored, our creative offers inspiration about what their new steam oven can do.

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We created two Electrolux cookbooks, one for the top of the range CombiSteam Pro oven and one for the CombiSteam Deluxe oven; the perfect gift upon registration of a new Electrolux kitchen appliance. The cookbooks invite consumers to enjoy cooking with a secret ingredient: steam, and the many delicious recipes inside help them unlock the secrets of their new oven.

Everyone has their own secret ingredient that they use to create amazing tastes. Our creative idea embedded in the cookbooks invites consumers to join a bigger conversation #SecretIngredient and share taste stories of their own. By creating an inspirational post-purchase dialogue, we are able to make the oven purchase more special.

The cookbooks are arranged in food categories rather than courses – grains, vegetables, meat, fish and chocolate. They completely immerse you in a foodie world full of taste, tips and great advice from world-class chefs. It’s the perfect guide to cooking with steam, and getting the most out of a new oven purchase.

Photography: David Loftus
Food Stylist: Nico Ghirlando

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