‘Tis the season to drive ticket sales in 16 countries

CLIENT: Ticketmaster

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas over at Ticketmaster. We were briefed to develop a winter campaign of festive fun across 16 countries to raise awareness of new seasonal events and gift ideas that make Christmas extra special for everyone over the holiday season.

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How do you reach 16 markets around the world with one single Christmas message: Ticketmaster is the No.1 festive destination to buy tickets to the best seasonal events this winter.

It sounds a straightforward brief, and an exciting one creatively because Christmas is such a magical time of year. But we needed to develop a flexible system that allowed our ideas to translate across different languages and Christmas traditions, and our visual treatments to work in both hot and cold countries.

We developed an engaging integrated campaign for the pre and post Christmas periods that featured the many different entertainment genres that Ticketmaster covers from ice rinks to theatre and panto. We created an entire Christmas pack of themed assets and digital advertising to use across all channels in all markets to drive ticket sales.

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