Transfer Pricing. There has to be a better way


Transfer Pricing compliance looks like it has become the preserve of the Big 4 accounting firms. Tax people in large multi-nationals feel secure using them. It’s all they know. We needed to wake them up to CrossBorder Solutions. A faster, better, cheaper way to avoid the risk of penalties and adjustments. It’s a no brainer.

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Transfer Pricing sounds dry; a compliance product you need
in order to protect your company from penalties and adjustments. CrossBorder Solutions believes the same old way is not cutting it anymore. Their transfer pricing reports provide audit insulation and are better.

We created a challenger brand and heralded the arrival of a new standard. We needed to develop a new big, bold, brave identity that the multi-nationals would sit up and notice.

As well as creating a distinctive look and feel for the new brand, we put forward a rational argument. Clearly explaining how CrossBorder are the better choice. We gave a feeling of excitement to a very functional product – so it felt fresh and challenging.

We had to get our audience to respond. If we could get them to sample the compliance product, see how CrossBorder do things, we even offered to upgrade their reports for free, we felt sure multi-nationals would make the switch.

CrossBorder Solutions now has a strong, distinctive brand
and tone of voice. We have developed a whole range of creative from a new website and videos to campaigns, email communications
and social media.

Illustration: Peter Grundy

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