Unlocking the juicy bits in the kids & youth market

CLIENT: The Pineapple Lounge

What’s cool, what’s fun, what’s exciting, what’s next… The Pineapple Lounge is the authority on what’s going on in the kids and youth market. Brands can influence real change because the insight and ideas The Pineapple Lounge offers have human understanding at their heart.

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It’s not just research and data at The Pineapple Lounge, that’s the perception and the challenge. They offer global brands and their managers so much more – commercial insights, strategy, ideas, consultancy, fresh thinking, in fact everything kids and youth find really juicy. It was our task to reflect this in their brand with an edgy, youthful, slick new identity.

We created an abstract symbol inspired by the pineapple shape to represent their brand in its simplest form. We wanted a bold and impactful way of showcasing the fun and exciting thinking to come out of the lounge. We added a vibrant colour palette to reflect their playful and curious personality. The symbol integrates perfectly with imagery to show how The Pineapple Lounge helps brands find a meaningful place in kids’ worlds.

Their immersive nature can make brands flourish. Their understanding of cultural and human behaviour in the kids and youth market runs deep. We successfully captured The Pineapple Lounge as a place of insights and ideas, highlighting their expertise, energy, and their refreshing approach across all creative deliverables.

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