What makes a perfect pairing?


AB InBev believe that the pre-meal apéro is often overlooked as an income stream. Pair apéros with Leffe Royal, and instantly you’ve got an exciting activation programme to delight customers and create sales.

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We developed a range of Sell In creative deliverables to introduce ‘Apéritif Royale’ to the Belgium premium restaurant market. To start the conversation, we produced a wooden presentation box complete with Leffe beer glass, and booklet revealing all the many ‘food pairings’ with Leffe Royal.

The box was personalised to every restaurant, and used as a sales tool. Restaurant owners were able to see for themselves the potential of pairing Leffe Royale with cured meat, hard cheeses, fish and seafood. Inspiring staff to embrace Zythology, flavour matching, was part of the challenge. The first 20 restaurants to take up the Apéritif Royal programme were offered expert training.

Once a restaurant has signed to the programme, they were completely supported with a whole range of marketing material including serving props to bring the apéritif experience alive, and make it a special moment in the restaurant.

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