Who gets fans?

CLIENT: Ticketmaster

Whatever you are into – theatre, sports, music, performing arts – Ticketmaster is the place to get tickets. They lead the industry. As the world’s biggest ticketing expert, they also have more audience data, distribution channels and marketing reach than anyone else – invaluable know-how to a music promoter or big venue looking to make a major event happen.

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We developed the strategic and creative B2B approach that encapsulates everything Ticketmaster can do. They needed an effective way of communicating their client tools and services to different types of clients across a diversity of markets, demonstrating that they have the experience to deliver the exact audience their clients are after. We created an overarching endline ‘We Get Fans’ to capture Ticketmaster’s expertise of finding the right audiences for any event, and to show they understand them so are better placed to engage and sell to fans. Our endline has become a language framework which can extend to specific messaging, too.

We also created a look and feel by taking the current mosaic design used for the B2C brand, and reworking it for B2B by zooming into the mosaic to signify delving into its core and the detail. We used different colour combinations and shapes from the mosaic to support our messaging.The new B2B brand identity has been brought to life across multiple touch points including video, trade press, advertising, exhibitions, merchandise, power point, guidelines, and templates.

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