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The era of the sustainable brand

The environment is becoming a massive issue which everyone is talking about. No matter where you look there will be something that mentions either climate change or sustainability. People are starting to realise that our impact is becoming a significant threat to the planet. If we don’t start addressing these issues will our planet still […]

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Be you. Not everyone else

How do fintech companies develop their brands in order to stand out from the crowd? In such an innovative, creative and fast moving sector the competition is fierce and customers have high expectations. What can fintech brands do in order to steal a march on the traditional incumbents and their other competitors? We’ve taken a […]

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How To Build Brand Consistency

What do the most recognized brands have in common? Simply put, they present a coherent message to their customers. This includes everything they do from design and words, through to product development. How do they do it? And what’s the secret to unlocking this potential? Building brand consistency Nowadays it’s not just all about the […]

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