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Lunch and Learn with Adam Hinton

We enjoyed a great talk today from acclaimed documentary photographer Adam Hinton. Adams talk was entitled ‘Shooting through the lines’ and we loved Adams passion for what he does and the great images he showed us!

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Our work with Elian wins ‘Brand of the Year’ at Citywealth Brand Awards #BMRA2016

Absolutely brilliant to have been a part of two projects that took the top two awards at Citywealth Brand Awards. Elian seemed rather pleased too: We’re absolutely thrilled to have won Brand of the Year in @Citywealth #BMRA2016! Thank you to everyone who voted!

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Our work with Ogier wins ‘Best Rebrand’ at Citywealth Brand Awards #BMRA2016

From our fantastic friends at Ogier: So proud to have been awarded Best Rebrand @Citywealth brand awards #BMRA2016 big thanks to @curiouslondon

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