A new name not a new practice

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AHR is one of Europe’s largest and longest standing practices for award-winning work in architecture and building consultancy. Looking to the future, they had taken the decision to move away from their previous business – we were tasked with creating a new brand.

A new name, not a new practice
AHR are leaders in their field, using remarkable technology backed with a passion for great design. Separating from their previous business, we were faced with the challenge to develop an identity for a new brand yet show that the practice had long been established.

Redefining how architecture is done
AHR has a great reputation for award-winning architecture, and the creation of innovative places and environments. Their passion for good design had to be reflected within the AHR brand. We created a new logo comprising three structural shapes to give the identity an architectural feel.

Signalling change
The dark blue, white, and red colour palette was developed to hero the innovation of their buildings and their design. We wanted to capture the feeling of creating a new world. The new brand signals a time of change for AHR and shows a company ready for their brand to match everything they can do.

“The launch has gone exceptionally well, better than we could have imagined. The new identity has been well received by everyone and the graphics and website look excellent.”

Brian Johnson
Chairman, AHR