A new world of travel mobility – that’s the ultimate objective. Every global business wants to operate seamlessly and securely. But, over time, more and more rules and regulations have fostered a disconnected and complicated system. There’s a huge demand for one single platform. TST has risen to that challenge.

What we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Website
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Event Graphics
  • Technology

The ways we work and travel have changed
We can thank covid for that. But, whatever your working situation – remote worker, international jet setter, or recent relocator – you want it to be simple. The same can be said for Travel Operators and Mobility Managers who do all of the organisation.

It was clear our brand needed to show TST’s core benefit of connecting the different business silos, joining everyone together and making travel seamless.

Colouring in the world
Known as “the globe”, TST’s new brand symbol is a celebration of uninterrupted travel across the world: making meaningful connections between people and places. The symbol expands into a gradient line to create a feeling of motion and seamless flow across brand applications.

The brand gradient is used to colour the symbol and the line, creating a dynamic and energetic feel. The colours are an expression of smooth global travel and take inspiration from the earth, complimenting the globe symbol.

The new way of working made easy
TST’s software benefits a whole host of different departments in a business. HR, Security, Tax and Travel. The challenge was to show them the benefit of having one solution that worked across the whole company. Every department working together.

We worked closely with TST to understand their products and services to develop a site structure and navigation that allowed users to find what they needed whilst also understanding how TST can benefit other departments.

Engineering an interactive experience
Our website design needed to be delightful and effective. Because TST provides a SAS product, their website had to prove to potential customers they provide seamless digital experiences. With little animations and micro-interactions across the site, we enhanced their brand through UI, delivering an immersive experience to users.