Making business flow

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Video

Zyte knows where and how to retrieve invaluable information that businesses would just love to get their hands on. The problem they faced was that they were only really known to a developer audience. We worked with them to create a new identity and strategy to help them speak to the right audience.

What’s in a name?
By changing their name from Scrapinghub to Zyte, we captured the brand’s energetic approach and signalled the arrival of a new game changer.

Sing it from the hills
To move forward, Zyte needed to become accessible to a business audience. We developed a customer-focused personality and crafted headlines that clearly communicate the business benefits of what they do. Without Zyte’s essential insights and learnings, they are missing out on vital market knowledge.

Show us what you do
It was vital to demonstrate their brand purpose clearly and simply. Zyte opens a smooth pathway to web data, giving businesses a competitive advantage. The ‘Zyte Z’ logos show different visualisations of the data providing a path between two points. They animate to show the energy and confidence of the brand.