Creators of safe spaces. Confident. Wise. Innovative. The pioneering design solutions from BB7 challenge the status quo and build better solutions. With their brand refresh, they’re showing the world they’re here to challenge the way things are done.

What we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Website
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Art Direction
  • Collateral
  • Merchandise
  • Fire safety and security

BB7 is all grown up
Not a typical fire and security consultancy company, BB7 take a strategic and collaborative view delivering solutions that work with the design, construction, and aesthetics of buildings – not against them.

When we first worked with BB7, it was a challenger firm ready to disrupt the industry. Now, it’s established – respected by its peers for its clever ways of working. So, it was time for a brand refresh to bring its visual identity in line with the company’s growth.

A whole new perspective
Using drone footage allowed us to capture the impressive architectural detail in BB7’s work from unique vantage points – capturing elements you’d miss from the ground.

And the sense of scale achieved in these awe-inspiring aerials is the perfect metaphor for BB7’s own brand development.

A symbol of progress
Inspired by their world, our new BB7 seven is designed to mirror the architectural structures they create. A bold, confident, structural, and simple graphic device.

Show what you can do
Our attention then turned to the website – redesigning the UI to give the new brand space to breathe and pairing it back to let BB7’s work take centre stage.

The new site structure makes it easy for users to navigate between sectors and services and offers plenty of examples of BB7’s exceptional work in every category. It all adds up to a much smoother experience.

Architectural Photographer: Peter Landers

“From re-brand to the new website, Curious has gone above and beyond in its artistic vision and ensured the brand was at the heart of every decision. We’re proud that our brand now achieves the level of sophistication to match the expertise within our business.”

Rebecca Bower
Marketing Director, BB7