Can a car company care?

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Can a car company care? Yes they can! We’ve done the research. We’ve dug deep into the GLH brand. Smooth easy rides to meetings, fragile parcels protected in extra bubble wrap; nothing is ever a problem. How refreshing to hear is that!

How do you stand out in a crowded landscape?
The private hire sector is cluttered with messages. All very generic. No personality. Everyone offering the same thing. Not to mention the ongoing threat from Uber and other new car and courier companies. We were given a great opportunity to rewrite the GLH story.

Identify what you’re good at
GLH has a core strength. They have genuine family values; a caring ethos permeates right through the company – it honestly does. Drivers don’t leave. Corporate clients are loyal. Controllers have got customer service just right.

Your people are your strength
The brand needed to reflect their warm, human side. We created ‘brand personas’ which gave a personal touch and reinforced their expertise. Swift Navigator, Shortcut Creator, Time Redeemer, Wish Granter… a whole new exciting brand was developed and delivered in time to mark their 50th anniversary of being masters of the road.

Photography: Darryl Vides-Kennedy