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Climate change. Something that once upon a time used to fly reasonably low under the radar is now the top of everyone’s agenda, with big corporations especially trying to grapple with how to improve their practices. HCBL operate right at the very heart of this subject – they are Environmental Economists working closely with businesses, charities, governments, and local communities. Acting as advisors and partners, they help find and certify climate projects helping their stakeholders work towards better solutions.

An excellent reputation and plentiful experience have given them a strong market position. But, with their team expanding and the market becoming more crowded, it was time to get their brand in shape – to tell their team and their clients, exactly what they’re here to do.

Invested in our world
In the world HCBL operates in, the stakes are high. Charities need critical advice, and businesses need practical direction. And – in the middle, there’s HCBL – helping clients source and navigate environmental opportunities.

HCBL closes the gap between corporations and communities and enables vital, planet-healing work to be funded. The connections between all the scientists, economists, politicians, and businesses, thinkers, doers, leaders, and visionaries inspired our big brand idea: It takes all worlds to make a net zero world.

A living, breathing brand
Our design features graphic contour lines to bring to life the idea of connection across the world whilst also making a subtle nod to HCBL’s ecological purpose.

Used across brand applications and in the logotype, they can be animated to give the brand a sense of movement, evolution, and change.

Inspired by nature
The obvious way to signal a company’s eco-friendly credentials is to make it green. To differentiate HCBL visually from its competitors, we have opted for a darker shade of green, complimented by an optimistic orange highlight colour. They are supported by a secondary palette drawn from the earth’s habitats – creating a fresh feel whilst anchoring them firmly within their sector.

Communicating clearly

Our headlines show how HCBL benefits each of their audiences: We help the bold invest in the brave. We help visionaries invest in the future. We help changemakers invest in change. Cutting straight to the point, they show the positive effects of collaborating with them.

The result is a fresh approach in a crowded sector. The visual clues within the design, working with our clear headlines, present a brand with an obvious purpose and value without relying on cliches.

“Curious’ team not only understood our vision but elevated it, delivering a brand identity and website that is both visually stunning and highly functional. Their collaborative approach made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. We’re delighted with the results and grateful for their exceptional contribution to our brand’s online presence.”

Philip Hardwick