Reimagining a better world. Evero is transforming how society thinks about waste – turning what some consider rubbish into useful things. Today it’s electricity – tomorrow it might be jet fuel.

What we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Tone of Voice
  • Collateral
  • Renewable Energy

A name that does justice to the vision
When Evero first came to us, they were known as the Bioenergy Infrastructure Group (or BIG for short). Though it states what they do, it didn’t reflect their drive or ambition to sustainably resolve our impact on the planet.

They make change happen. Ever-evolving, ever-adapting, ever-lasting, ever agile, we elevated the brand with the perfect descriptor name: Evero. This captures their determination to transform perceptions and practices around waste.

Restoring balance
Evero literally moves mountains of landfill – reusing waste to re-energise energy. An amazing story which we used to power a new brand purpose. The world is calling out for a change, and Restoring Balance shows Evero is listening and reacting – resetting, recharging, reimagining, recycling, in order to achieve balance in the world.

Evero’s logo is inspired by balance. Like the Earth on its axis, it tilts at 23.4 degrees. The logo has many functions; masking imagery and footage within and behind the logo so it appears immersed within the content. Or adding a glow to the logo to create a light or power source effect. It can be used in infographics or brought to life with 3D animation. However it is used, the logo always returns to its resting position. Balance restored.

Finding their voice
The way Evero speaks embodies their purpose. They don’t waste words. Guided by our three tone of voice principles – brave, active, human – their language becomes a powerful tool for them to create an ever-impactful impression.

Inspired by their world
Evero’s three colour palettes come directly from their practice. The core blue that represents a vibrant, clear future is complemented by charcoal and white.

Colours from the gasification process Evero use to create energy make up the secondary palette, and a supportive neutral palette is inspired by the waste and waste wood they repurpose.

“We are really pleased with the way the brand works alongside our new values. It is thanks to Curious’ curiosity and creative skills that we were able to reimagine ourselves in this way. Great work and great outcome, the start of our refreshed journey to restoring balance.”

Simon Hicks
CEO, Evero