Growing brand alongside business. You’ve likely eaten a Vitacress product. They supply super tasty salads and herbs to many of the UK’s leading supermarkets, as well as selling under their own brand, Steve’s Leaves.

What we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Website
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Tone of Voice
  • Art Direction
  • Image library
  • Agriculture

Engaging employees
Brands are usually thought about from an external perspective, but if you neglect to create a brand that speaks to your internal audience, you’ll struggle to maintain sustainable growth. For Vitacress, who wanted to attract new talent as well as retain existing employees, they needed to find a way to talk about their brand and what it meant.

A business with growth at its heart
Through workshops and conversations with a whole cross-section of the Vitacress team, we helped strategically rewrite their values. Now they ladder up to a clear purpose: Growing is at the heart of our business.

It promises employees that Vitacress is a place where you can trust their intentions. It’s there to do the best it can. To be a place where people can feel a part of something. Where they can be involved as much as they wish. Growing their skills, relationships, opportunities and themselves.

Turning an idea into an identity
We want the audience to come away with a clear awareness of what Vitacress does, what they stand for and what makes them unique. Through a combination of tone of voice, a refreshed colour palette and in-depth imagery we have created a warm and positive brand with a distinctive voice and a clear commitment to ethical and innovative growing.

A website rethink
Before the rebrand, Vitacress’ website was a warren of hard to find, and sometimes irrelevant information. Establishing clear user personas and website goals at the beginning of the project guided us in untangling Vitacress’ website to create a clear and navigable structure that works for all their audiences.

With our new brand toolkit applied to the UI, Vitacress’s new website perfectly captures the business – equal prominence to produce, practice and its invaluable team. It conveys a company you’d be proud to buy from or work for.

An image is worth 1000 words
Photography is at the heart of our design. We set several different styles to communicate different parts of the business. Lush detail shots focus on the vibrant produce Vitacress grow to signal to consumers and customers the quality they can create.

Drone imagery conveys the scale of their business. The photography is epic and impressive, showing the extent of their global operations.

And our portrait photography heroes people within their working environment. They add a storytelling element to the brand as well as conveying the high and varied skill levels and breadth of roles and opportunities at Vitacress.

“Curious has been great to work with from the outset, understanding all the challenges and nuances of our business, developing a clear narrative and articulation of our story, specifically with regards to our employee value proposition.”

Helen Wesley
Head of Communications