How can design show intensity of experience? Zuma’s restaurants are known worldwide for their contemporary Japanese cuisine, amazing interiors and out of this world service. They’re THE place to eat.

What we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Website
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Art Direction
  • Signage
  • Collateral
  • Merchandise
  • Hospitality

Zuma is always ‘on’
Step in and you’ll see, nothing waits here. The pace is fast. The place is alive. And you don’t want to miss a thing. You feel the vibe. You are part of it. Take it all in. Every visit brings another surprise. There’s an intensity of experience.

Indigo blue
Zuma has always been blue. Indigo blue. But the way it was being used didn’t show its full potential. Indigo isn’t static. It’s dynamic. Like Zuma, it’s constantly evolving, a world of sensations. It’s intoxicating and sensorial. We needed to unlock its energy.

A partnership is formed
Our indigo inspiration was bought to life by Japanese collective BUAISOU. Like Zuma they interpret their art in a contemporary way. From cultivating the raw indigo, to designing, dyeing, all the way to production, BUAISOU do every step themselves using challenging techniques not found anywhere else.

Welcome to the world
Collaborating with BUAISOU, we created a bespoke piece of indigo artwork for the Zuma brand. Rich and enigmatic, it allows us to bring the core methodology of Zuma to life across the branding – rooted in the traditional processes and culture of Japan, but with that crucial contemporary twist.

We incorporated our bespoke indigo patterns and textures into stationery, business cards, packaging, restaurant collateral and a taxi.

It’s not all indigo
To complete the refresh, we updated the rest of the brand toolkit. Introducing new colours inspired by our indigo exploration and selecting a characterful new brand font with shapes and details within the letterforms that reflect those found within the Zuma logo, creating a strong connection between the two and a visually recognisable voice for the brand.

“You can see in the design how well Curious understands Zuma. We love how they’ve evolved Indigo to be an integral part of our visual identity and brand story.”

Louisa Gavin-Cowan
Group Communications Director