Hugh James

Hugh James is a leading, full-service UK law firm with an obsession for solving things and fighting for the right outcomes. Their ambition and self-belief have given them a strong presence in Wales but that’s only part of the story.

What we did
  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Website
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand video
  • Advertising
  • Collateral
  • Exhibition
  • Merchandise
  • Law

Finding the Hugh James difference

It’s a challenge differentiating one law firm from another. The reality is they all ‘do’ the same thing. But Hugh James’ story is different – because for them it’s about how they do it and why. The perfect ingredients we needed to build an impactful brand.

Never shy away from a challenge

It’s in their roots! Determination, resilience, self-belief. Characteristics which have driven Hugh James forward and taken them from humble beginnings to dynamic offices in Cardiff, London, Manchester, Southampton and Plymouth. Their entrepreneurial and fearless spirit needed to come through in their brand. They were leaning towards being too humble. We took Hugh James away from this perception and positioned them as the firm you wouldn’t want against you – always in pursuit of what matters.

Bigger, bolder, better

Hugh James has ‘bigger, bolder, better’ plans – to grow the business, expand their portfolio, nurture their people, attract the best minds… they needed a brand that allows them to become known for their capabilities across both sides of the business. The claimant and the corporate. Our thinking had to be elevated and bring totally different areas together. We created a core thought that sits at the heart of their brand: challenge accepted.

Challenge accepted

In two simple words, we developed a central idea that captures the essence of their brand, their self-belief, their obsession for solving problems and their purpose – to protect a business professionally or someone personally. Challenge accepted also crafts an authentic narrative about Hugh James’ culture and values and provides a framework for how their people act and work. It’s a big idea that works for their clients (their consumer proposition) and for employees (their employer brand).

In great shape

The existing Hugh James brand sat in a sea of law firm sameness. We refined their logo and defined how they should talk about themselves. We took their red colour, refreshed and expanded the palette. Visually, we gave them an ‘adaptive’ brand, devising a system of shapes to represent their qualities – driven, fair, inclusive, protective, robust – exactly what’s needed to protect businesses and claimants personally.

Complexity needs clarity

Professional Services branding needs a strategic and creative approach that looks beyond the sector for answers. In doing so, we have created a brand for Hugh James that sets them apart and takes them forward into an exciting future.

“Their creative approach and ability to solve complex problems is nothing short of remarkable, but combining this with their seamless and dynamic approach to working with our in-house team and senior stakeholders has been key to delivering an incredibly successful project which I know will support the firm’s future success.”

Joe Purcell
Director of Business Development and Marketing, Hugh James