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Innovation is a critical part of business. If you get stuck in the old ways, competitors take over; then where will you be? Change is your lifeblood. FutureBridge helps companies seek it out, apply it and move forward. But, their own brand needed some reinvention. We gave them a new website and identity to move them into the future.

A new name for a new beginning
We needed to convey a company at the forefront of change, that connects clients to disruptive technologies and solutions. And position them as a bridge to progress. No other name would do. FutuerBridge was the perfect fit.

A design for a radical new direction
The new brand held a bold and dynamic strategy at the heart: we see the answer. With this core thinking and positioning in place, we created the equals symbol using the ‘F’.

With an entrepreneurial spirit firmly embedded and a brave new forward-looking identity, clients can now see FutureBridge for what they are: a game-changer in competitive intelligence.