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Relationships. Connection. Understanding. Emotional intelligence. This is how Pascoe + Tew approach Executive Search – with technology used to enhance, not replace, traditional methods.

They came to Curious for a brand refresh and website that rally around their purpose and clearly shows their distinction from their competition.

Strong and simple
Our new brand is simple and bold. The colour palette is stripped back: the black and white are timeless and clear, whilst the red accent colour used throughout the brand is creative and passionate: just like Pascoe and Tew.

A little added extra
The brand heroes simple imagery and uses tongue-in-cheek illustrations that animate over the top to add a personal touch.

The headlines perfectly play off the illustrations to bring a conversational element to the brand. The personable tone of voice makes it feel like Pascoe and Tew are talking to each viewer, bringing them into their world.

A website to match
To mirror the elegance of the brand, we created a website with a simple UI that really shows off the brand. Imagery takes centre stage, supported by copy that says exactly what it needs to – with no unnecessary corporate fluff.

“The whole team, besides being delightful to work with, are extremely good at what they do and take great pride in every output. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a brand partner and look forward to continuing the partnership as we evolve over the years to come.”

Alistair Pascoe
Managing Director Pascoe and Tew

Our design conveys a company that does things differently, whose psychology-led approach has made executive search human. It has none of the layers of complexity and corporate fluff that are all too common in the recruitment world; instead, the simple design and no-nonsense copy stand strong. Now Pascoe + Tew can be confident their brand tells clients and customers exactly what they stand for.