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Introducing Leal. A decision support platform on a mission to democratize access to advanced cancer treatment. Because, when it comes to your health, you should have options. Options that give possibilities. And possibilities that lead to hope.

A name that says what you’re about
The word Leal means loyal and honest. It’s a name that is warm, inviting, and action orientated. Because that’s what they are for their patients. When you’re going through challenging and sensitive times, you want Leal by your side.

What does together look like?
The rounded ea characters in the logo perfectly lend themselves to connecting – reflecting how Leal brings patients and medical audiences together.

Leal is a brand that’s here to do something
It guides people through hard times, so it needs to be confident, to get people’s trust. It gets what you’re going through, so, it’s not a robot. Instead, it’s a brand with a heart. And a brave one at that.

Leal understands what it is to face a cancer diagnosis. With Leal at your side, you are never alone. With Leal, you’re in it together.

A warm familiar voice
When all of a sudden you hear that word. When you know it’s bad news. When you’re worried about what’s next. Leal is a voice you feel confident to trust. Giving you perspective. Giving you hope. Leal’s voice never uses a patronising tone and doesn’t bother with complex language. It’s about keeping it real and speaking in plain English.

Leal understands
To convey how leal helps patients with their decision-making throughout their clinical journey our brand video shows every point they might interact with the brand.

A montage of people living their lives – doing school drop-offs, gathering with family, working – average, everyday people, doing average, everyday, almost mundane things becomes powerful when combined with our emotive script.