Zero compromise. Absolute focus

What we did

Brand Strategy
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Consulco is a specialist investment manager providing real estate, credit and private equity investments to high net worth individuals and the global business community. They came to Curious for a brand strategy, website and design to show they’re the obvious choice for property investment.

A new approach
Consulco has an unshakeable confidence in themselves, totally focused on delivering the best results. We needed to capture their intense, overwhelming drive and their restless energy to get things done.

A brand that doesn’t mess around
This is a brand that knows exactly what they want to achieve. They are determined to deliver results again and again. No nonsense. No wasting time. Straightforward and confident.

We created a brand that tells it how it is, black and white. Simple. Direct language. No frills design. Zero compromise. Absolute focus.

“Curious understood very quickly how we needed to evolve our brand to align with our business. Their design perfectly captures the straightforward and confident approach we take in our work.”

Marios Hajiroussos
Director & Head of Investments, Consulco